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2016 Illinois Sheep Day Meeting—March 12th

The Illinois Lamb & Wool Producers is hosting the annual Sheep Day Saturday March, 12th.  The event will be held at The IL Dept. of Agriculture Building at the IL State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL.  Registration begins at 8:30 am. 

     The program includes informative topics for those who have raised sheep for many years and those new to sheep production. Several different topics will be discussed by industry experts as well as current sheep producers. 

  • Learn more about direct marketing of lambs and the benefits of hair sheep from two producers, Jim Draper and David Smith. 
  • Groenewold Fur and Wool Company is one of the largest wool buyers in the country.  They will be discussing how wool is classified and how to improve the wool from individual flocks. 
  • United Producers Inc. purchases lambs from several Midwestern states.  They also offer financing options for sheep producers.  Representatives from United Producers will present these financing options as well as insights on the lamb market.    
  • The American Sheep Industry launched an initiative a couple years ago to increase and improve the American sheep numbers.  Alan Culham is the coordinator for this program and is working closely with sheep producers across the country.  Alan will give an update on the program and discuss how their findings can help everyone in the industry.     

     After the program, lunch will be served.  During lunch producers from various areas of the industry will be available to talk to new producers. The open discussion is an excellent opportunity to connect with other Illinois sheep producers. 

      The annual meeting for the Illinois Lamb and Wool Producers will be held following lunch. All producers are encouraged to attend and give their ideas to assist the organization. At the meeting the ILWP will be electing officers and directors.  New members are encouraged to participate
     The Illinois Sheep and Wool Marketing Board annual meeting will be held around 2:00 pm.

     A membership drive is planned for the conference.  Talk to your neighbor, bring a friend!  This conference is an excellent way for new producers to meet others in the industry and get helpful information.
     In addition, there will be a silent auction with a beautiful fleece as well as other nice items.
     Registration is $20 for adults, $10 for children and students. The registration fee includes lunch.    For more information contact Elton Mau at 309-825-5435, or Jane Zeien at 815-544-9582 or

    Plan now to attend this once a year event.  It is an excellent opportunity to learn practical information to help make your sheep production successful.

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The Objectives of the Illinois Lamb & Wool Producers, Inc.

  1. To Promote, strengthen and advance the Sheep Industry in Illinois and the nation.
  2. To encourage Illinois producers to be progressive and up-to-date and make maximum use of recommended production practices as they are developed.
  3. To encourage the production of prolific, quality sheep in both commercial and purebred flocks.
  4. To increase the involvement and education of youth in both sheep production and the Illinois Sheep Industry.
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